About us

Logistics Junction is an online logistics service offering On-demand Road Transportation to cater to frieght booking all over India. LJ is one of the top online truck hiring portal in India, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Maharashtra. We aim to deliver quality service at competitive price and back up every shipment with latest technology & outstanding customer service. At Logistics Junction we focus on technology, efficiency and service quality, thereby creating economical, reliable and professional haulage solution of trucking for freight industry.


Organise, simplify and efficient logistics by use of advancements in technology.


Technology Driven

Creation of a technology driven market place for logistics industry.

Bridge the Gap

Bridge the gap among transporters & companies through a reverse bidding platform.

Providing Value Added Services

Vehicle Owners: Increased Freight Realisation, Increased Occupancy by ensuring “Return Loads”, Discounted Spare parts & consumables, Transparent bidding process, Credit Rated Companies.

Drivers: Pit-stops at LJ Lounge for resting & eatables, Comfortable Transport Journey.

Company: Competitive Pricing, Multiple Transporters under one roof, KYC Verified Transporters/Truckers, Security of Goods through Insurance.